Zurich / July 2018

Two-Sided Markets are a form of Collective Intelligence that is well established. Market signals in the form of prices provide efficient guidance to direct resources towards areas of greatest value.

We believe that Markets can be useful for software development communities. Price signals highlight critical issues and motivate developers to align their work with community needs. We call this style of organization Market Driven Development.

Organizational Style Task Prioritization Task Execution
Traditional Command and Control Centralized Centralized
Open Source Centralized Multi-Party
Market Driven Development * new! Multi-Party Multi-Party

With the support of Mozilla Innovation and the Sloan Foundation, Bugmark has developed trading systems and frameworks for running market simulations and experiments.

In Q2 we conducted our first experiments with automated simulations and hands-on team exercises.

In Q3 we will conduct interviews with people who manage open-source project for large enterprise. We seek to learn the common success metrics and pain points in the Corporate-Sponsored Open-Source community.

If you are interested in learning more about our survey, please enter your contact information here:

If you would like to learn about Bugmark at the ACM CI show in Zurich, contact Georg Link from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, one of the Bugmark Architects and lead researchers. (glink@unomaha.edu)


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