Our Value

Bugmark is a futures market for software issues. Bugmark pioneers an approach using a two-sided market, allowing both funders and workers to make offers that are resolved auction style. We believe the market signals generated by Bugmark will be the most efficient way to allocate resources to high-value issues.

Bugmark Status

Bugmark is currently an experimental project. We are conducting market simulations and user exercises to better understand trading dynamics and social behavior.

Our Team

Bugmark has participation from independent software contractors, Mozilla Innovation, the CHAOSS Project, and Incentives Research, a economics consultancy.

Software Assets

To date we have built:

  • a trading exchange with a restful API
  • a command-line interface
  • client-side bots for trading automation
  • server-side bots for experimental simulations
  • a framework for experimental trading applications
  • an ability to trade in digital and fiat currencies

Join Us!

We are looking for project contributors and participants!

  • web design and usability experts
  • web developers with Javascript / ReactJS skills
  • back-end developers with Ruby and Elixir skills
  • web marketers and business development experts
  • people with fin-tech and capital markets expertise
  • community managers and developer outreach experts

To get started, post an issue in one of our repos, or send an email to our lead developer.