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Welcome to Bugmark!

Bugmark enables you to

Bugmark is a market that connects people who want better software to people who can build it.

We make open collaboration more effecive, with simple market mechanisms that give users a way to hedge their exposure to software risk while giving developers incentives to increase software quality.

  1. Put financial value directly in the hands of the people who can fix the software issues that are most important to you.
  2. Discover which issues really matter to your project's users.
  3. Work with open source practices and not against them. Instead of making you contend to claim a bounty payment, Bugmark gives you market incentives to share partial work.

How you can get involved

Find an issue, fix it and earn money

Report an issue and pay to reward others to fix it

Invest in futures on an open source market

Visit Bugmark to find an open issue that matches your skills and interests. Buy a futures contract connected to that issue that will pay you when the issue is fixed. Work on the issue, in the open, then decide if you want to hold your contract until maturity, or sell it at a profit.
Create a new issue or select an existing one. Buy a futures contract that will cost you a pre-determined amount when the issue is fixed, or compensate you if the issue goes unfixed. Reduce your exposure to software risks by directly signaling the project participants about what issues are important to you.
Development isn't the only task required to make a software project a success. You can trade futures to earn a profit from other vital tasks, such as clarifying and translating bug reports, triageing bugs, writing failing tests, or doing code reviews.